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Re: toodeloo
Posted by: Apleif Feb,28.2023-13:21 

What would you want me to do for Demozoo?
I'm here, ready to learn.

I also have an idea together with a friend of mine (Wrasmus who put together the excellent demo style video in less than two hours, it also changes through the whole mix) about making a documentary about toodeloo, and my 2023 journey into hacker-land. My backstory in relation to him is kind of funny and I never really knew much about him apart from the last few of his years when he spent most of our time in the school computer room together, and for different reasons I never really heard all his serious tunes until just recently, I was just living on his silly X-mas tunes with Dasse as a kid, as my hardrocking uncle (who knew them both personally) initially told me the disks with "mods by toodeloo" was shit and would be better spent on computer games when I bought my first A500, hence his treasures got lost.

This is a revelation and like he wants me to play his tunes, and my intention is to find the best old Amiga/Atari music, convert it and live DJ it further on. Expect more mixes and more demo style videos. :)

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