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Posted by: Apleif Feb,27.2023-21:51 

Hello everyone. None of you will know me, but I was a friend of the late toodeloo (DHS member and possibly (?) founder of DHS). You can read about it here:
We only met during the last years of his life, but I had a ton of diskettes with his music on my Amiga even as a kid. I've been digging through his old archives and I'm setting up a tribute to him and old original and lost in time tracker music. I have decided to credit toodeloo as "Dead Hacker Toodeloo" in my demo mix and I hope I don't strike any nerves. I have spoken to one of his best childhood friends and he also didn't mind it. Rest assured that I have been aware of DHS since the early 90's and do this only in honour of a long gone friend. :)

If you wanna see my live mix from yesterday and dream of the early days, check it out here!

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toodeloo Apleif Feb,27.2023-21:51
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        Re: toodeloo Apleif Mar,15.2023-12:34
          Re: toodeloo Apleif Apr,27.2023-18:56
            Re: toodeloo MetalSnake Jun,18.2023-16:05

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