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Re: Missing EIL99 video
Posted by: s_t_s Feb,17.2021-08:58 

Hi Evil,

the link I used to include in one of my articles is yet I cannot see who this channel belongs to...

Guess that since you are credited as the movie editor I thought you had logically uploaded it onto your channel but I cannot be sure and since you say you didn't then I guess this was on someone else's channel.

I don't mind uploading such video to my channel even without public consent first because the video is made publicliy available on some FTPs and secondly because I guess YOU can be considered as the creator. Should you tell to remove it I would do it in the instant. Your choice. Nevertheless it shows what a nice ATARI demoparty looks like and I think it's nice to be able to enjoy it +20 years later. Anyway up to you.

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