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ultraTos for 1040STE
Posted by: ultra Feb,09.2021-20:34 

Hi guys,

during development of ultraDev I always had the problem how to test different Tos versions?
Sure I have the original 1.62 Tos Proms and additional 2.06 EEProms. Changing the Tos meant for me solder the eeprom config and plugin the Proms.

That's too much for a lazy guy like me ;)

So I've started some time ago a small side project: ultraTos for 1040STE

ultraTos is a CPLD based Tos switcher.

-Up to 6 different Tos versions can be used
-Flashing of the Tos versions can be done directly from your Atari desktop
-Which Tos is used at power on is set with jumpers
-Boot into a different Tos from the Atari desktop without switching off the Atari
-Support for Tos 1.x
-Plug and play installation without additional cables. But ultraTos needs the correct EEprom setting (27c010) but this can be changed easily.

ultraDev specific features:
-In the cartridge screen you can list the flashed Tos versions and boot directly into
a different Tos without switching off the Atari.
-It's possible to change the Tos via the ultraDev command line tool.

More informations can be found here:
There is also a video to watch to see it in action.


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