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Raycasting anyone ?
Posted by: s_t_s Aug,17.2015-11:17 

Hello there !

While working on my demo blog, I'm thinking about adding "raycasting" as a demo effect entry. As far as I can understand it, ie being totally green and lame at coding, it seems that this technique is/was mostly used to draw 3D world with vertical walls and perpendicular ceilings and floors. In other words it should only be seen in Wolf3Dlike screens, right ?

Guess I can use Ray's awesome Wolf3D as an example then (even tho not a demo ;) but can you give me more examples ?

For instance, is Earx 3D maze in Stone Tower also raycasting ? Think someone also mentioned Grimey by Reservoir Gods but I'm not sure if this is raycasting or not.

Help is welcome, thank you !

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