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STE stable fullscreen
Posted by: Leonard Aug,26.2015-16:10 


I profit of few hollydays to make some fullscreen test on STE. In my special case I want to have LEFT only border open. ( 186 bytes line ). I use pixel scrolling too ( FF8265 ). Everythink works well on emulators, but it's not stable on my real STE machine.
After some deep test, left only open border depends on "wake up" state of the ST. I successfully find a fullscreen code wich works on both wake up state, but only if 8265=0
if 8265!=0, then I get some unstable lines depending of the wake up state.
To sum up, this is a big mess. I suppose there is only two wake up state ( maybe there is more).
At the end I have two fullscreen routines, one per wake up state (which I don't detect by software currently). all these routines does not work properly on any current emulators ( SainT, Steem and HATARI)

Anyone has a "simple" solution to make left only open border on STE AND using ff8265 at the same time, whatever the wakeup state?

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