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Re: YM2149
Posted by: Paranoid Jun,02.2024-13:50 

I think evl quoted the basic skeleton of sample code above, even though it's a bit cryptic. The sample routines i know decouple any sort of frequency generator from any channel (which will lead to a permanent high on each channel internally) and then modulate the output amplitude by setting each channel's volume register as defined by the sample. Per channel, the volume is limited to 4 Bits but by using more channels, the precision can be extended to 8 Bits.

But this into a timer interrupt service routine occuring 5000 per second and your sample plays at 5KHz.

Because the YM needs to accept and process the data to a certain degree, i think its 2MHz clock limits the replay rate achievable, no matter how fast your CPU is.

The Paranoid / Paradox

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