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OFAM Atari Meeting GER 2023
Posted by: MrHabaki Aug,25.2023-16:50 

The 16th OFAM will take place from 2023/10/13 to 2023/10/15


The OFAM is an annual meeting for the fans of all Atari computers and consoles from 8 to 32 bit, from XL to Falcon with CT60 and from VCS to the Jaguar. It is held in the small upper-franconian village Muenchberg, 40 kms away from the czech-border.

Not only Atarians from Germany, but also from our EU-neighbour states do visit the OFAM on a regular base.

This is a 2 days event, you can arrive on Friday evening and stay until Sunday evening. The Saturday is the only day with an official part, usually there are a lot of Highlights... beside a good program (see the links below), you can play Atari games, via a Video-beamer on a big screen and network your Atari to others. Also there will be the possibility to drink some of the famous local beers and just have fun, or play a match of table-tennis.

Sure everyone can bring hard- and software and buy/sell or swap it.

The meeting itself will be absolutely FREE, but to leave a small gift to exceed the costs would be great!

On this point I would like to thank the YMCA Muenchberg, without them, the OFAM would not exist! Thank you for 9 years of OFAM!

I hope YOU will join the OFAM the next time and we see us there for some great hours of Atari!

If you want a place for sleep, then contact me via email! You can sleep for free on the floor or resident in a vacant room

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OFAM Atari Meeting GER 2023 MrHabaki Aug,25.2023-16:50

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