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SV 2K21 Compos AAR
Posted by: AdamK Dec,12.2021-09:18 

AAR - after action report

First, let me appologize to SMFX for not showing their 96K entry, it's my fault alone.

Because of number o platforms and a need to stream it all with the deeply rooted need to show as much as possible from real hw, the only option for me was to prerecord every entry and show recorded video at the compo time.

Unfortunately, in the preparation rush, I deleted prerecorded SMFX entry video and realized it only at 01:00AM where it was due to be shown. At 01:00Am, I was in no capacity to rush recording it again and choose not to do it, and in effect to exclude it from copmpetitions.

Again, I'm verry sorry for the situation. If there is any way I can make it up to SMFX, I'll try to do it.


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SV 2K21 Compos AAR AdamK Dec,12.2021-09:18
  Re: SV 2K21 Compos AAR spkr Dec,12.2021-13:57
    SV 2K21 Streams AdamK Dec,13.2021-08:04
      Re: SV 2K21 Streams spkr Dec,13.2021-11:50

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