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texture mapping for dummies
Posted by: ROGer Oct,02.2021-09:30 

Hi there,
I did some programming in 68000er many, many years ago. For example, I coded a simple texture mapped cube with quite a couple of flaws: slow, no perspective / zprojection, and - since it was based on forward mapping - many interspersed pixel gaps / glitches.
Now, after a break of 30 years during that I did not code a single line (...and got old), my interest got more or less by accident relit. And my question would be: Could anyone give me repetitional lessons in how to code a more correct (= reverse transformation / backward mapping?) simple (= linear) texture mapper?! I have already tried to read up some stuff, but I really have problems to put all those pieces together and what I have read so far always seems to be three steps ahead. That is, I am wondering how one calculates / gets the corresponding uv coords (=map) for a given xy coord (=screen). It would be GREAT, if someone could help and give advice. Many thanks in advance.

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texture mapping for dummies ROGer Oct,02.2021-09:30
  Re: texture mapping for dummies spkr Oct,02.2021-10:07
  Re: texture mapping for dummies mikro Oct,03.2021-10:28
  Re: texture mapping for dummies ROGer Oct,03.2021-13:10

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