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SV2020+1 sofa-sceners ticket
Posted by: Grey / MSB Aug,15.2021-14:04 

My Dears, let me be a little private this time. I am aware that some of you, due to the pandemic situation (I mean mainly people from abroad), cannot physically participate in our event - the feast of all Atarians, from Atari 2600 fans to XL/XE, ST/STe, TT, Lynx, Falcon and ending with Jaguar. It is so sad that in just over a week (exactly from August 20th to 22nd) we will finally be able to celebrate 2 great anniversaries that have been "moved" from 2020 - the 20th anniversary of Silly Venture and the 35th anniversary of ATARI ST 🙂 Although the attendance is quite high (as for the current situation), it will be rather lower than the one from 2019, where we were visited by 254 participants (literally from all over the world!). However, I would like to believe that we will have the chance to meet again soon.

My adventure with SV began 21 years ago, in April 2000 to be exact - it was supposed to be an episode, maintaining the tradition of Atari events taking place every year at Easter in Germany, but it became a part of my life. The new venue is a new logistic and financial challenge. I wanted to celebrate these two anniversaries with dignity, keeping all the attractions known from previous editions plus a few new ones. Even though I try to look at everything positively, but I fear it somewhere in my head lest history come full circle... So if I can ask you for something - support SV with a ticket for "sofa-sceners" 🙂 You will also gain the opportunity to vote online for the competition entries that you will be able to watch live online.

Thank you in advance! 🙂

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SV2020+1 sofa-sceners ticket Grey / MSB Aug,15.2021-14:04
  Re: SV2020+1 sofa-sceners ticket s_t_s Aug,17.2021-10:15
  Re: SV2020+1 sofa-sceners ticket gwEm/PHF Sep,23.2021-11:42

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