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CTPCI - USB thumb drive
Posted by: wongck Jan,25.2018-17:27 

So after getting fast network working well on my CTPCI, I now looking at USB.

I got the USB mouse / keyboard working but I am not really interested in those as I am using wireless on smally USB adapter and I like my Falcon keyboard (who doesn't right?). In any case, they do not work so well.

So USB thumb drive would be great.
I can get it to read & write Fat32 thumb drive on Mint.
But how can I get it to read/write in TOS.
It cannot even see my 256MB thumb drive (my smallest).

Anyone has any ideas ??

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CTPCI - USB thumb drive wongck Jan,25.2018-17:27
  CTPCI - USB working well wongck Apr,16.2018-01:40

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