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Moving CT60 2 different Falco
Posted by: JoeAtari Dec,05.2017-20:20 

I'm moving my CT60, Supervidel and Ethernat to a different Falcon. It is a UK revision A board with TOS 4.04. It has a 68882 FPU. I had changed the power supply to US, added the Wizztronics 14 MB memory upgrade and put in a new 80 MB IDE drive. Everything was working and I was using both TOS and Mint.

My original Falcon has all the solders, but this board is clean with no modifications. The only thing that I added was the suggested resistors/wiring for the Supervidel. I'm using the same hard drive and ATX power supply from my original Falcon.

On the first boot attempts I'm getting no floppy access and no video. This is the original version of the CT60. Is there anything I should try before stripping everything down and adding one board at a time to test? I know about the possibility of needing to hit the reset button several times before it comes "alive."


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Moving CT60 2 different Falco JoeAtari Dec,05.2017-20:20

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