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Sommarhack 2024

Silly Venture 2024 SE
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20 years Atari ST
10 year
15k music demo
Summer 2001
Dither / non-music
Fuji photo
Chipmusic cover
3k graphics
Xmas intro / non-music
Whip! plugin
Sid Sound Designer
Four colours
Non musican 2
Non musican compo + Xmas intro.
After a tough online voting of the votesheets, two winners have been presented. The scores for both compos are as follows.
Non musican compo scores
  1. 'ateam.mod' by Milhouse (34 points)
  2. 'lucifer.mod' by Havoc (27 points)
  3. 'jutta2.mod' by Paranoid (26 points)
  4. 'ergens.mod' by Havoc (12 points)
  5. 'unlimit.mod' by Carbon (12 points )
  6. 'zandvor4.mod' by Milhouse (11 points)
  7. 'supermar.mod' by Carbon (06 points)
  8. 'escape.mod' by CiH (04 points)
  9. 'metty2.mod' by Sokatres (04 points)
  10. 'dyngstak.mod' by evil (03 points)
  11. 'cosmosh.mod' by Cosmosh (02 points )
  12. 'metty4.mod' by Sokatres (02 points)
  13. 'metty.mod' by Sokatres (01 points)
Xmas intro scores
  1. 'Two in one' by DHS (57 points)
  2. 'Crimbo' by Torment (35 points)
  3. 'Xbiosmas' by Blind Io (30 points)
  4. 'Tnhxmas' by TNH (10 points)
Statistics about the compo
  • Three voters decided to only vote for one of the compos
  • One voter made an illegal intro vote
  • 25 votesheets received! Better than last time.
  • Winner of nonmusican compo got 34 points out of a maximum 72 points.
  • Winner of intro compo got 57 points out of a maximum 66 points.
  • 70% of the votesheets were received in the last two days.
There is no intro to download this time, but you can still get the package with the modules and intros from the compos.
Download the modules and intros.
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