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Four colours
Non musican 2
Non-musican module competition.
A modulecompo for 4-channel protracker mods. However, the golden rule was that none of the ones contributing could be considered to be a musican.
The non-musican results are:
  1. Evil. 22 points
  2. Carbon. 20 points
  3. Havoc. 15 points
  4. Spion. 13 points
  5. Ayeron. 10 points
  6. CiH. 7 points
  7. Blind-Io. 3 points
  8. Marcer. 0 points.
Non-musican competition statistics:
  • 8 contributions
  • Not one module comes near the word quality
  • A lot of people who were musicans begged of being allowed, but was refused
  • Spice boys made a Falcon musicdisk of the songs, which goes in the same quality as the music
  • At least one of the ones contributing were actually musicans, just saying they were not
  • Some misstook the compo as make the worst module possible
  • There have been requests of a new edition of the compo. And it'll be back, sometime.

Download a Falcon musicdisk with the contributions
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