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The chip cover-remix compo!
The votecounting for the chipmusic cover/remix competition has now been completed, the results are as follows:
  1. Dma Sc (47 points)
  2. Baggio (44 points)
  3. 505 (35 points)
Some small statistics about the compo:
  • 3 songs in the compo, new low-record!
  • 21 voters
  • A total of 126 points to share
  • The winner got 47 points out of a maximum possible of 63 points.
  • For the first time: no unvalid votesheet received.
The rules for the competition were as follows:
  • Goal: To make the best possible remix/cover of Belinda Carlisles 'Heaven is a place on earth'
  • Any ATARI-YM format were allowed
  • We allowed these extra formats: PSID (C=64), AHX (Amiga) and SAP (XL/XE)
  • Sampled sounds were not allowed. Including digidrums
  • Maximum 3 channels could be used
  • The cover/remix could be freely remade, but had to be recongizeable to the original song
Anyway, you can still download a few files:
Download the Sid Sound Designer and SND Player versions of the songs, together with a NICE surprice program and the votesheet.

Download 505/Checkpoint 80kbit/sec mono MP3 version.

Download Baggio/Wildfire 80kbit/sec mono MP3 version.

Download Dma-Sc/Sector One 80kbit/sec mono MP3 version.

Download the original tune in low quality 48kbit/sec mono.
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