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The online compo is over!
The entries are collected, compiled and released in the megademo. The votes have been received and are counted. There are three winners. We got a total of thirtysix valid vote sheets, which means a total of 2052 scores to count.
However.. the results won't be official until sunday the 25th of december, 2005. Most likely very late evening. Simply, we wanted to give the special christmas issue of the only surviving ST-Diskmag the honour of giving you the results.
You will be able to get Alive #12 from from the 25th of december. We will also tell you the estimated shipping time for your prizes in that very Alive article as well.
Now when we are done with all this, we would like to thank everybody involved, all from the coders, graphicans, musicans to the sponsors and voters. This is the best compo we've had the pleasure to host so far. I'm not sure we'll ever be able to top or match it. So feel good that you're seeing the best internet-co-operation Atari ST-demo that will likely ever take place.
Thanks again, and see you next time!
Anders Eriksson

'20 years' - Atari ST megademo
The online compo for 2005 with the aim to create a new classic megademo have now reached it's final moments. The megademo is finished and released!
What's left now is for YOU to give your opinions about the contrubutions, the entrants await fine prizes depending and your involvement decides who get them.
The megademo works on any ST with 1MB or more, from floppydisk (double sided) or harddisk. The demo also partly works on Falcon and TT, but we recomend using an ST or STe for the best viewing experience. If you have over one meg memory and a harddisk, we warmly recommend the harddisk version as it requires no floppy swapping and loads much much faster.
  • Download
    The harddisk version of '20 years' megademo.
  • Download
    The floppydisk version of '20 years' megademo (two MSA files in the zip)
  • Download
    The vote sheet. Please support the involved people by voting!

That's it! Please don't forget to vote, and endless greetings to everyone who took part in the demo, you rule!


The text below is now obsolete, the megademo is out!
20 years of Atari ST celebration compo
20 november, 2005
So, the deadline and the extended deadline are now over and we can start to summarize the outcome of the compo. To say the least, we have got REAL GOOD response, in fact the BEST EVER online compo result! A total of 57 competition entries sent in for the original deadline, and 61 total including the extended deadline. Shared between the compos like this:
  • 16 number of demo screens (2 ext. deadline)
    MJJ Prod, ST Knights, Marcer, Noextra, DHS, Stax, Paradize, Atari-Legend, creators, paradox, cooper/dmasc/exocet, gizmo, Reservoir Gods, The Bits Club
  • 23 number of music tracks (1 ext. deadline)
    Floopy, Marcer, SH3, Rubbish, Bob Monkhouse, 505, Schmx, Salkin, Dubmood, Zabutom, Crazy Q, Dma-Sc, Divag, STU, Starbuck, ear-dis
  • 22 number of pictures (1 ext. deadline)
    C-Rem, SH3, Minz, Sarah, Thothy, Ecureil, ST, Timbral, Schmx, Moonie, Mic, SiNK, Raid, Cyclone, Nova
Download the megademo!
Work is right now progressing to finish the demo. We no longer accept new screens, zik or gfx.
  • Menu: Small Falcon sprite-bug to fix
  • Loader: Finished
  • Zik-screen: Finished
  • Gfx-screen: Finished
  • Reset screen: Finished
  • Release date: Late evening 2005-12-11 (hopefully)

That's all, we hope that you can bear the extra wait while finishing the demo. Do you wonder about something? Please e-mail:
Anders Eriksson <>

The text below is now obsolete as we've met the deadline
20 years of Atari ST celebration compo
Yes, it is true, the Atari ST is over twenty years old. It feels unreal to say the least, and it's still like yesterday when the ST arrived.
As there seems to have been very little salutations for this historic year in the ST life, we decided that this years online competition should be about the ST 20 years celebration.
The compo is supported by major Atari-sites:

The background idea
Back in the early days of the ST scene, many mega demos were produced from the competitions at various parties. Classic demos such as The Whattaheck demo, Punish Your Machine and So What demos have been produced this way.
Our idea is to take it back to the old skool, and try to do something similar. Compete screens against screens, and put it together as a full blown mega demo. On the Atari, mega demos have been a compilation of smaller demo 'screens' which is accessed through a menu, something we wish to honour here. We'll most likely have a quite simple menu, unless somebody wishes to write an advanced one.
To activate musicans and graphicans there will be two already decided screens;
  1. A slideshow for the images
  2. A music screen for the tunes
Contributions in these two categories will be placed in these screens. Of course graphics and music can also be used in the other demo screens, but it's not neccessary.
As for the actual demo screens, the demands are pretty old-skool and simple: It should run on a bare Atari ST(f/m/fm) with one megabyte of memory. However putting in one modern touch; the screens will be launched from the OS, so they must return nicely when exited. This generally means 100-150k less memory available and a bit of hardware register restore.
We will provide you with example sources to setup a double-buffering screen that return back correctly to the OS. We will also provide you with a dummy loader so you are able to test your screens under authentic cirumstances. There is however no requirement that you use the example source.

The competitions and rules
1) The demoscreen competition
The aim is to produce the best demoscreen possible. You can use any kind of effects, be it a starscroller or fully texturemapped 3d-scenes, it doesn't matter.
Demo screen rules
  • The demo screen must function on a 1MB Atari ST, Atari STf, Atari STm or Atari STfm.
  • The demo screen must function using the provided loader on the above spec. machine.
  • The demo screen must be able to exit cleanly to the OS.
  • The demo screen must not be larger than 81920 bytes when UPX-packed!
  • The demo can use any coding tricks available to the computers mentioned above. Including, but not limiting to fullscreen code, syncscrollers and other synclock effects.
  • Any programming languange is allowed, as long as it runs on the mentioned machines above. Eventual STOS contributions should make sure the program works on every Atari ST TOS version.
  • The demo screen must not be delivered in source form, executable is enough (unpacked or UPX-packed)
  • The demo screen may use graphics and music which is also a part of the other competitions.
  • More than one entry per participant is allowed.

2) The graphics competition
The aim here is pretty straight forward; make the best picture possible allowed by the rules.
Graphics rules
  • The image must be 320x200 pixels
  • A maximum of sixteen (16) colours
  • The colour palette must use 9-bit RGB (512-colour palette)
  • The Image must be delivered in PI1, PC1 or NEO fileformats.
  • Competing graphics can also be a part of a demo screen.
  • More than one entry per participant is allowed.

3) The music competition
As with the graphics compo, nothing out of the ordinary here.
Music rules
  • The music must be YM2149-based
  • The music have to be delivered as a SNDH, playable without torubles in SND Player
  • Maximum (ice-packed) SNDH file-size is 32072 bytes.
  • Competing music can also be a part of a demo screen.
  • More than one entry per participant is allowed.
Please refrain from abusing eventual loopholes in the rules. Please suggest extensions to the rules in case you find a loophole, our address is, thank you.

Competition prizes!
As with the last years competition, we have some prizes to offer for the three first positions in each competition.
Prizes for the demoscreen competition
First place
  • Flashback 2 console (signed by the designer)
    » More info
    » Image
  • Carrier Command original game (Atari ST)
    » Image
  • Busybee cap
    » Image
  • A1 Professional Poster Print Atari ST Ad
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
  • Tempest 2000 original game (PC)
    » Image
Second place
  • Stella Adapter
    » More info
    » Image
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
  • Tempest 2000 original game (PC)
    » Image
Third place
  • Choice of any one homebrew game from the AtariAge store
    » More info
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
  • Tempest 2000 original game (PC)
    » Image

Prizes for the graphics competition First place
  • Atari logo t-shirt
    » Image
  • Busybee cap
    » Image
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
Second place
  • Knightmare original game (Atari ST)
    » More info
    » Image
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
Third place
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video

Prizes for the music competition
First place
  • TV Games - Atari video game system
    » More info
    » Image
  • Busybee cap
    » Image
  • Busybee t-shirt
    » Image
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
Second place
  • Into the Eagles Nest original game (Atari ST)
    » More info
    » Image
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video
Third place
  • Atariscene 1985-1988 DVD Video



Coding package
The package for download below contains an example loader from which you can test your demo screen under authentic cirumstances. Place the loader into auto/ and your demoscreen as dmp.bin onto the root of the boot drive. This is exactly how the megademo will launch the menu and screen in the final release. For users with >1MB memory, the demo will be able to load from HDD as well.
You will also find a source folder with example code for setting up double-buffering screen and play a SNDH file, with a clean return back to the OS. There is no demand that you use this code, it's only for help to the persons who wants it.
Download the coding package

All good things must come to an end.. And deadlines always come too quickly! However, this year we're out early, you'll have several months of time to prepare your contribution.
The plan is that when the deadline has been, all screens will be assembled into the megademo menu, and within 1-2 weeks released for public voting of the entries. We hope this will be an easy job becuase of the slightly strict rules about happy exit code. The deadline is:
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2005 - 22:00 CET
Learn from old sins, and start in good time!
That's all, if you have questions or comments, please don't hestitate to contact us at
We wish you good luck, and hopes for a nice Atari ST 20-year celebration megademo!
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