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The Christmas 2003 competition
The competition is now over, congratulations to everyone who participated to the compo! It was a success, some statistics;
  • Six music demos that managed to follow the rules
  • Total of seven original images made
  • Total of 20 original chiptunes created
  • 32 votesheets sent in
  • Maximum score for the total category would be 480 points, the winner got 352p
  • The lowest score for the total category would be 96p, the lowest we got was 172p
Thanks alot to everyong participating in one way or the other (graphics, music, coding, voting..).
Ok so where are the results??? Click here.
Below you have the possibility to download the entries and read the rules which dictated the competition...

The deadline is over!

We have got no less than six music demos sent in, and three 'wild entries' which didn't match the rules to full extent. Well one of them didn't match any rule ;-)
You are now able to download the lot of them, and to vote. We have a rather narrow deadline for voting, so we can present the winners in time for christmas (wouldn't be much of a christmas compo otherwise!).
The deadline for voting is December 23, 22.00 CET, after that we will have an online-counting of the votes (as traditional).
Download the qualified entries with vote sheet.

Download 'Troll & co' wild entry, breaking every rule (needs falcon+fpu!)
Download 'Yes Crew & MJJ Prod' wild entry, breaking music rules
Download 'MJJ Prod' wild entry, breaking size limit

Don't forget to send in the vote sheet!
Now have fun!

Original text about the compo below (now outdated):
Plot of the compo:
The idea is to activate musicans, graphicans and coders.
We had an online voting with a great feedback, about half the voters wanted a christmas theme, and the other half something else. So we are trying to compromise, and present you with...
The 15kbyte music demo compo.
Ok, so we have music in 4k intros these days, with drivers and music datas less than a kilobyte in size. Then, where's the sport in 15kbyte? Well, the rules are as follows:
  • The demo must include at least three songs.
  • Each song has to be at least one minute long.
  • At least one of the songs has to have a christmas theme.
  • The songs must be originals, not ripped or used before.
  • Music can be in any format; YM, MOD, Softsynth...
  • The demo must include an original 320x200 picture (any number of colours).
  • The demo must include an original font for the required scroller (see CODING).
  • The graphics has to be original, not ripped or used before.
  • The total size of the demo (when ICE/ATOMIK-whatever packed) is maximum 15 kilobytes (15360 bytes)
  • The demo has to work on a standard 1MB ST.
  • The demo must be able to launch from and return to the desktop.
  • The demo has to show the 320x200 picture painted by the graphican(s).
  • The demo has to play all three tunes via user interaction.
  • The demo has to have a scrolltext using an original font (see GRAPHICS).
  • The scroller must not wrap in under three minutes time.
  • Any programming languange allowed.
  • The demo can be made by a single person or by a whole flock of people. No rules apply to how many or which crew(s) the person(s) belong to.
  • A graphican, coder or musican can participate to several demos.

Please refrain from abusing eventual loopholes in the rules.
Ok, so that's all? Yep. Easy as pie, right? If you think you can manage this, go on reading for the horrific deadline! If you don't think you can manage this; hey come on, it's not like you have to make a big mega demo or multipart intro. This is a music demo in a mini-format, you can do it!
Yeah, to tie this a little closer to a christmas theme, we will set the deadline a few days before christmas and voting end two days ahead of christmas.
DEADLINE FOR SENDING IN CONTRIBUTIONS: Thursday, december 18, 2003 @ 24.00 CET
Send your intro
Contributions should be emailed to before the deadline ends.
Aid / questions / suggestions
For those who are interested, we can supply you with setup code that will work on any Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon and which return safe to desktop.
If you find eventual loopholes in the rules, please contact me (

That's all! Let's hope for some contribs in about one month!
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