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20 years Atari ST
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15k music demo
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Four colours
Non musican 2
DHS.NU 10 year anniversary compo
Yes we now have three winners in this years online compo. It was a TOUGH match especially in the music competition, where only a few points differ from place 1 to place 5.
So you're looking for a link so you can read the results?
Ha! We're not doing it easy for you. To be able to see the results, you need to install FreeMiNT on an un-expanded 520 STf with a b/w TV-set, of course only with a single sided floppydrive too.
Or perhaps not. Well jokes aside, we have hidden the results inside a small intro for you to explore. So yes, there is some work to download the intro, and run it on your ST/STe/TT or Falcon with 1MB memory (at least). But we wanted this big compo to have a little bit 'more' to the ending than just a simple textfile. We hope you can calm down a bit more and download it.
Yes yes yes, where is it??
It is right here.
The remaning text can be read inside the intro. Merry christmas!

The text below is now obsolete, the voting deadline has been passed and there's a winner. Look above!
The deadline, and the extended deadline have passed. We've been fully busy with collecting, recording, encoding and uploading all entries. It's been a phenomenal response, by far the best ever since we began the online compos five years ago.
Five years ago the main topic in most diskmags were about the survival of the Atari-scene. We can now clearly see that the pessimistic views many writers had back then, were truly wrong. We're still here, we're still active, we're still kicking ass. Just never give up, and stay Atari!
We have received fourty nine competition entries, which is huge for a scene that most doesn't even know about. We have twenty music entries, twenty graphics entries and nine 96k intros. Actually, we were close to have ten intros, but the final one had to be skipped due to technical issues. Rest assured, it will be made available shortly.
So, where are the damn files I hear you ask?
Calm down, there are a few things to explain at first.
Each of every competition entry has been converted to a format that can be viewed on any mainstream Windows, Linux or Mac machine, without the need of emulation.
In reality that means that all the pictures are available both as the native (PI1 etc..) and as a PNG image. All music are available both as the native (SND etc..) and as an MP3 file. And last, the intros are available as both native (PRG etc..) and as MPEG-4 video clip.
For viewing the PNG file, any decent browser will do. For listening to the MP3 files and viewing the MPEG-4 videos, there are several good FREE players around. We recomend the VideoLAN Client, available here.
Ok, now then, where are the fricking files?!
Ok, we won't test your patience any longer, here are the links;
  • Download
    A package with ALL the entries in the native file formats. 3.8MB ZIP-file. This file also includes the votesheet which you will need for voting! Please take the chance to show your respect to the graphicans, musicans and coders by voting. It's the least you can do.
  • View filetree
    A browseable directory structure with all entries available as lose files, the above .zip-package can be found here as well. The video files, MP3-files and PNG-files can be found by browsing here. You still have to get the for the votesheet.
OK! That's it then!
Please don't do direct links to video-files from other sites, we can't handle the bandwidth it generates.
Please don't upload the Falcon videos to, better quality MPEG-2 files will be sent there.
Before you cry over the MPEG-4 clips quality; we can't handle higher bitrate than this (we're not totally sure about this quality either, if someone can help us with bandwidth, please get in touch!).
Thanks for reading and participating in the voting!
Anders Eriksson

Below follows the original competition text, now outdated.
We're very glad to annouce a set of new competitions for the Atari scene. This time we're aiming higher than ever, and allowing more or less anything that is an Atari TOS-based computer.
Please check these competitions out:
Open rules
You might wonder why we're giving such free rules, when we're usually offering limited competitions. Well, this is a celebration, DHS.NU as a website is getting ten years. Yes, we've been online since september 1994! And to make this online-compo even more special, we've added a set of (what we belive are) cool prizes. We're trying to reach the entire Atari ST/TT/Falcon demo-scene this time. The more the merrier, and there's something to fight about now!
Boo! I code for ST, this is not fair!
Ok, you're worried that your ST intro will have less chance becuase there's a possibility of a TT or Falcon intro? There are certain points that make us believe there's no problem at all with this;
  1. Detailed exact specification of the machine running the demo will be given out.
  2. Video versions of all demos will be available to everyone.
  3. And most importantly; we have a great scene with respect to eachother so the best intro will win, no matter what Atari it runs on.
If you're still not convinced that this will work, please check out multi-format parties such as Assembly, where Vic 20 and Spectrum compete against Amigas! And the Amigas still bite the dust.
Please have confidence in the voters ability rather than fears for their inability.
The same idea goes for graphics and music compos.
The competitions

The 96k intro competition
The aim is pretty straight forward; make the best intro you can!
Use any methods, any tricks - just get it as good as possible!
The 96k rules are as follows;
  • Binary maximum filesize is 98304 bytes.
  • Must run on one Atari of these models;
    • Atari ST, Atari STe, Atari Mega ST, Atari Mega STe - Max 4MB.
    • Atari TT - Max 2+16MB.
    • Atari Falcon - Standard (Max 14MB+FPU), CT2b (Max 4+64MB+FPU), CT60 (Max 4+64MB full 68060)
    • Atari Jaguar - with Alpine devboard (4MB board).

  • The intro may not write to disk or harddisk.
  • No limit on running time
  • No limit on number of entries per group, coder, designer, graphican or musican.
The machine specifications are selected from the possibility the organisers have of recording them to video. All of the entries will be supplied both as native Atari and as a video file.

The graphics competition
The aim is pretty straight forward; make the best picture you can!
Use any gfx program, any dithering tricks - just get it as good as possible!
The graphics rules are as follows;
  • We allow any ST/STe fileformat for which there is a paint program.
    In reality that means:
    • 16-colours: NEO, PI1, PC1 or CA1. Other 16-colour formats should be able to translate into some of these formats.
    • Multicolours: NEO+RST, NEO-IFF (NOT Amiga IFF's with more than 16col!), SPU, SPC.

  • For the Falcon, we allow pictures that are displayable on Falcon VGA, which means:
    • 256colour: 640x480 max resolution, XIMG, APX, IFF or GIF formats.
    • Hicolour: 320x480 (non-square pixels) max resolution, XIMG, APX, TRP, XGA or TGA.

  • There is no limit on number of pictures for each artist.
  • The competing pictures are allowed to be included in a 96k intro as well.
All images will be delivered in their original file formats and PNG formats. The exact specification of each picture will be given, with technical information about possible number of colours etc.


The music competition
The aim is pretty straight forward; make the best tune you can!
Use any tracker, any audio trick there is - just get it as good as possible!
The music rules are as follows;
  • We allow any ST/STe fileformat for which there is a tracker/editor.
    That includes, but is not limited to:
    • 4CH MOD (Soundtracker, Protracker, Audio sculpture, Octalyser etc)
    • 8CH MOD (Octalyser)
    • TCB Tracker
    • DBE Tracker
    • EPSS (MIDI files are played, so Cubase can be used)
    • SNDH: Triplex, Magic Synth, Sid Sound Designer, Musicmon1/2, MMTFMX
    • Other chiptracker with native editor files.

  • For Falcon we allow any fileformat for which there is a tracker/editor.
    That includes, but is not limited to:
    • ACE Tracker
    • Graoumf Tracker
    • Digital Tracker
    • Digital Home Studio
    • Flextrax
    • Megatracker

  • There is no limit on number of tunes entered for each musican.
  • The competing tunes are allowed to be included in a 96k intro as well.
All tunes will be delivered in their original fileformats and MP3 formats. The exact specification of each tune will be given, with technical information about possible number of channels, replay frequency, mixing quality, YM effects and so on.


The prizes
For the first time the online compos at DHS.NU have some prizes for top three entries in each category. All prizes are sponsored by fellow Atari sceners from DHS. We're not rich, but we've tried to make the prizes as good as possible.
96k intro competition prizes
First place:
  • 50 euros cash or paypal
  • Atari/C-Lab bomber jacket
  • DVD Video: Atariscene 2003
Second place:
Third place:
  • DVD Video: Atariscene 2003

Graphics competition prizes
First place: Second place: Third place:
  • DVD Video: Atariscene 2003

Music competition prizes
First place: Second place:
  • Sample CD's (description can be found at this site.
    • The samplist guide to: Vintage drum machines
    • Drummers of motown
    • In your face FX
  • DVD Video: Atariscene 2003
Third place:
  • DVD Video: Atariscene 2003


The deadline

In order for the entries to be as good as possible, and us still being able to deliver the prizes before christmas, the deadline is set as follows:
All intros, pictures and tunes must be delivered on or before wednesday, december 1st, 2004, 24:00 CET
All entries will be made available a few days after (a couple of days for recording all entries on video and music to mp3 is needed).
Sending entries
The entries should be delivered to Anders Eriksson ( via E-Mail or over IRC (nickname: evl on #atariscne).
Send email to the above address, or visit the IRC-channel mentioned.
Final stuff
Please refrain from abusing eventual loopholes in the rules. If something is unclear, please contact us for correcting the rules.
As you're probably fed up reading all of this by now, we wish you GOOD LUCK with your eventual participation!
// DHS compo team
Extended deadline!

After some research and requests of a delayed deadline. We have come to a compromise that seems to be accepted by most.
The extended deadline is:
Saturday December 4, 2004 at 22:00 CET.
If you use the extended deadline, you will NOT be competing for prizes, but only for the honour.
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