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Sea Of Colour by Dead Hackers Society (HD) (2015)

Sea Of Colour by Dead Hackers Society (HD)
Playtime6min 0sec
TypeAtari STe demo (2015)
Capture sourceHatari 1.8.0
TriviaSommarhack 2015
PicDBGraphics from this prod in PicDB
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RA/pdx (2015-07-06)Report as spam/crap
Fresh style and nice ideas - i like it very much!

Alien / ST-CNX (2015-07-07)Report as spam/crap
Really like this! Well done!

PeyloW (2015-07-08)Report as spam/crap
Beautiful style although, anda few "how did they do that?". Love it!

dan/pdx (2015-07-13)Report as spam/crap
Excellent mixture of effects, gfx and music. Well done!

nicovize (2015-08-14)Report as spam/crap

bakho (2015-09-11)Report as spam/crap
Looks better than a lot of Falcon demos, truly a sea of colours !

Darian (2015-09-28)Report as spam/crap

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