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The Micro Mix by Radical Systems (1988)

The Micro Mix by Radical Systems
Playtime1min 30sec
TypeAtari ST demo (1988)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video



radsys (2013-09-29) 
hey guys just to let you know i still exist..this demo started out by a friend of mine dan clapson, it was his second bendy scroller he wrote..i added some graphics as i had an idea called \'message machine\' which was a demo featuring lots of fancy scrolly bendy twisty messages all going on at same time..we showed it to 2bit systems/ avr dave woodhouse and tony racine who were working with microdeal at the time and they loved it and asked if they could add sampling, we said yes of course..when we released the demo at Olympia London we sold hundreds of this demo , enough to pay for the exhibition stand hire..i think dave woodhouse and dan and i were stunned at its popularity !!
we followed it up with Micro Mix 2 where you could tap function keys and re order the samples and play with it..
later i went on to create other demos some based on classic amiga demos eg Walker Demo the star wars ATAT thingy and The Run which was a car chase animation..some company tried to turn it into a game, but i dont know what happened to it..oh well its nice to see my old stuff show up again..

radsy (2013-09-29) 
btw i also did stuff with electronic images (nick and jose) Robomix Demo that had shots from Robocop and we also did stuff for microdeal..i even think we got paid...

ggn (2013-09-30) 
Nice to see old timers crawling out of the woodwork :)

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