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RGB Plasma by Omega (1991)

RGB Plasma by Omega
Playtime2min 0sec
TypeAtari ST demo (1991)
Capture sourceHatari 1.5dev
TriviaBetter colours on STe (this video uses STe colours). And yes, there is no sound.



nativ (2011-11-07) 
mmmmm colours

nativ (2012-10-02) 
Does this use any PC/Hi Colour tricks? How many colours are \'on screen\' ?

evil (2012-10-03) 
Like all plasma screens it can use the full palette.

nativ (2012-10-04) 
So it\'s an STe 4096 plasma with xxxx on screen at once? Could the psyconomix 14 mil colours or photochrome techniques, be used to either have 4096 of 4096 on screen or 4096 of 19200 ? What is the highest colour you can plasma, palette and OSC (on screen colours) ?


evil (2012-10-05) 
A plasma is just updating the background colour as often as possible. With the cpu it takes 12 cycles to change, 1 cycle equals 1 pixel, there are about 416 visible pixels, so 416/12=35 colours per line.

This particular plasma doesn\'t use the full width (somewhere around 384 pixels), so about 384/12=32 colours per line.

If you use blitter instead of cpu each colour change uses 8 cycles instead, so it moves 52 colours per line.

Don\'t confuse a plasma screen with Photochrome, Spectrum or whatever. Different things. A typical plasma screen doesn\'t use graphics data.

nativ (2012-10-05) 

Thanks Evil, looks like I need to get back to studying :D

I guess DSP plasma must be even more colourful!


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