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Cernit Trandafir by Dead Hackers Society (2009)

Cernit Trandafir by Dead Hackers Society
Playtime6min 5sec
TypeAtari STe demo (2009)
Capture sourceHatari 1.5
TriviaAlternative Party 2009 contribution
PicDBGraphics from this prod in PicDB



evil (2009-10-25) 
The video has been replaced with a new encode. It didn't work in the flash player previously, sorry!

Defjam (2009-10-26) 
A very very nice demo !


Beetle (2009-10-27) 
Indeed, i'm (again) impressed.

Its also the very first demo i get a greeting in :) w00t!
I knew it would pay to keep the MSTe :-)

trophy (2009-10-29) 
WOW! Im impressed. Ive been wainting for such thing for the whole years. The authors are ST GODS for me! Thank you.

Setok (2009-10-29) 
Really great demo. It gets straight into the action with a stunningly beautiful opening screen and rightfully brings the STe up to date in the demo world. Absolutely enjoyed this, and hi to everyone involved.

vlg (2009-11-01) 
Not so impressive on visual side nor design but sure interesting as for STE only production. Sound is really good but music a real good one.

We want more!

vlg (2009-11-01) 
now i get it, its five'o who's responsible for :)

s_t_s (2009-11-01) 

Well to be honest, I like this demo more now that I've watched the video twice. Thumbs up !

Barnabas (2009-11-06) 
Very nice, I like ziss

nativ (2011-01-29) 
nice use of overscan.

Looks like a Super Atari XE demo, which is a good thing... /|\ (Perhaps I am too used to crazy falcon rezes?!)

Was it not possible to fit on one disk? save some 300k?


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