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Starstruck by The Black Lotus (2006)

Starstruck by The Black Lotus
Playtime6min 55sec
TypeAtari Falcon demo (2006)
Capture sourceAtari Falcon 060/66, PAL composite video
TriviaThis is the final version of Starstruck, not the version you've seen from Assembly 2006 earlier. Ported to Falcon by MiKRO of Mystic Bytes.



RA/pdx (2009-05-26) 
The Amiga version was great and the Falcon version is even better!!

evil (2009-05-30) 
The video was replaced today with a new better encode (brighter gamma level).

jonathan (2009-06-06) 
Great Demo. On Amiga was great, on Atari is something more due to some extra demo parts...

Keep the faith :-)

Defjam (2009-06-24) 
Cool conversion !
Keep on going !

pintcat (2011-01-13) 
"The Amiga version was great and the Falcon version is even better!!"

Sadly, I have to agree. :( Someone should port this version back to the Amiga!


JAC! (2011-02-18) 
Hmm, I don't really spot a difference (the select 420 flashes look better), so what is it?

Amiga (2011-10-18) 
Amiga RULEZ !

Ramon (2012-01-14) 
How the Atari version is better when it's only a port of the original Amiga version?

havoc (2012-01-15) 
it runs more fluent (read: higher fps) due to faster hardware and some optimising of the code

extralife (2012-03-18) 
looks like the "promised" :) final should have been on amiga, damn u kalms :) missing u and tbl on the mighty miggy

MikeH (2014-05-16) 
Hmm, I see artefacts in the color of the Falcon version (look at the birds flying past the man), the Amiga version looks a lot better in that section.

FDR1980 (2014-07-13) 
What on earth are you talking about Mike...

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