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STe Demo by DOM & ST Connexion (1990)

STe Demo by DOM & ST Connexion
Playtime2min 6sec
TypeAtari STe demo (1990)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video
TriviaDemo made for Atari Inc.
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Alien / ST-CNX (2009-02-17)Report as spam/crap
DOM (a french coder) made the code of this one for Atari Inc. Krazy Rex of ST-CNX made the Unicorn Gfx.

I (Alien of ST-CNX) actually also made a version of the Unicorn part with digital sound which ran on the ST. Why? Because I was so unimpressed by the STe I wanted to show it could be done on the Atari ST. It wasn't released, but I made the Froggies main menu around the same time which was released.

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