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The Best In Galaxy (B.I.G.) Demo by The Exceptions (1988)

The Best In Galaxy (B.I.G.) Demo by The Exceptions
Playtime11min 13sec
TypeAtari ST demo (1988)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video
TriviaSome lower border issues in one of the screens. Needs to be re-recorded at some stage.


00.00 - 00.05 : Intro text
00.05 - 00.53 : Menu
00.53 - 01.55 : Psych-O-Screen 1
01.55 - 03.06 : Psych-O-Screen 2
03.06 - 04.20 : Psych-O-Screen 3
04.20 - 06.27 : The B.I.G.-Scroller
06.27 - 10.36 : The digital department
10.36 - 11.13 : Reset



evil (2009-02-15) 
Back in the days we were most amazed by the digital department. So good digisound!

Nick (2010-12-04) 
Erik Simon had a beard. Lol :-D


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