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Stargoose Cracktro by STCS (1988)

Stargoose Cracktro by STCS
Playtime1min 30sec
TypeAtari ST cracktro (1988)
Capture sourceAtari STe, PAL composite video
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mic (2009-02-17)Report as spam/crap
For met it's one of the best cracktro ever done on ST, quite amazing back then in 1988.

Jace (2009-02-18)Report as spam/crap
yep and thanx for the source code! It was very usefull for me.

Shazz (2009-02-20)Report as spam/crap
My prefered cracktro for sure....
Jace, still have the src ?

Jace (2009-02-25)Report as spam/crap
Yep, just send it to Chuck/Dune :) Mail me: laurent.fargues(at)laposte(dot).net

RA/pdx (2009-04-10)Report as spam/crap
One of my favourite cracktros!
I have watched it for hours when i got it back in time...
Blade Runners :-)

Dan (2011-10-12)Report as spam/crap
Cool indeed, loved it back then.

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