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DHS.NU news article
New Jaguar game from Reboot November 27th, 2011
Sauron of Reboot writes:

Reboot of JagWare are proud to present Kobayashi Maru, their latest freely-available game for the Atari Jaguar games console, written to utilize the new Raptor game engine. Kobayashi Maru is Reboot's version of an arcade favourite from the early 80s. Use your rotary controller or regular Jaguar pad to steer your warpship in this arcade space shooter, battling countless drones and huge boss craft in ever-tougher waves of attack.

Kobayashi Maru is released hot on the heels of another Reboot release, the port of Downfall for the Atari Falcon030 computer. Head over to the Kobayashi Maru download page to obtain the full game in your favourite file format: BJL, ROM or CDI disc image. Have fun!

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