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DHS.NU news article
New Atari magazine August 31st, 2009
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

How long did you wait for the last disk magazine issue? Alive 14 has been ages away and no new version has been seen yet.

Thorn, Christos and Simon Sunnyboy decided around Outline 2009 that the disk magazine concept should be transported over to a new platform and concept.

We started the Low Res magazine in Web 2.0 style. It is a Wordpress based blog with the following ideas behind the magazine:

releases more often, even if there are not 80 articles around
cover anything from an Atarian point of view, games, demos, hardware, news
a Blog system like Wordpress allows instant feedback via comments
article submissions are way more easy
readable even on your Atari ST with CAB or Highwire
article reviewing and proof reading can be done online while chatting, Skyping etc (no sharing of article textfiles anymore)

So here you go! At you can find the first issue of our magazine.

We hope you enjoy the read and if you want to contribute with articles, reviews or anything Atari related, just go ahead and tell us!
Low Res will need your active support - and keep in mind, if it's Atari related it is suited for the magazine, 8bit and Jaguar included.

We appreciate your feedback!

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