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DHS.NU news article
Brief Sommarhack summary June 28th, 2009
Sommarhack 2009 have been going on over the past weekend. It was a small Atari-oriented party we decided to arrange when other classic Swedish parties have all gone one way or the other.

The weather gods were with us, the entire weekend being a long hot scorcher. Temperatures of 28-30C in the shade and a river to dip into just meters from the party. So far so good. Then add a bunch of cool Atari guys and it's a perfect recepie - thanks everyone for visiting!

Unlike our previous parties, we decided to have a small compo for music, graphics and demos. A few releases were made and you can download them all at our download page (see link below). Extra thanks to everyone who participated.

Photos and perhaps a party report will follow later on, thanks again all Sommarhack visitors, for us it was a great weekend and we hope to make this happen again next year!
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