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DHS.NU news article
Starstruck lands on the Falcon May 25th, 2009
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

Hi guys,

everyone ready for some cool news? =)

Outline visitors already know, the rest is hopefully keeping fingers crossed.... yes, Starstruck (the final version!) is here right NOW.

In my opinion this is tough, tough, tough rival for Silkcut, I cannot decide which one rulez more :-)

Target configuration as always, Falcon 060 without bus speeder should do. The more megahertz the better :)

And as a bonus you can even watch in on VGA/60 Hz. But beware, all effects are fixed for 50 Hz so better to watch it on TV or VGA/50 Hz!

And honorable mention: thanks to Xerus for being really _outstanding_ tester, without him you would get much worser release!

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