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DHS.NU news article
No Fragments #8 and #9 March 11th, 2009
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

Hello sceners,

just in case that you didn't notice yet, I have released two new issues of the NO FRAGMENTS series. Here's a short excerpt of one of the info texts:

I'm very very sorry to say but I'll stop the NO FRAGMENTS series in the near future. This isn't the last issue. I have a couple of more to go but I am very tired an exhausted and my motivation for this work is gone. Another point that I want to say is that the last few disks will be "NO FRAGMENTS with FRAGMENTS" because I decided to release my discs the way they are right now with the remaining missing pieces. One of the reasons can be read above and the other one is that I had a harddisc crash some weeks ago and lost a little bit of my work for this project. Well I had backups but not from the last edit. I want to release those discs before everything gets lost due to a hardware failure. It would be a loss to the community to hide those discs just because of some missing titles. So many other projects never saw the light of day just because of some tiny fragment missing. I can look back to a huge amount of work and time that I have put into those compilations but real life has finally found me. Hiding behind computer screens and diskboxes
doesn't work anymore. The passion for atari will never completely fade but it has lost it's strenght of the early years. I wish you all the
best and keep up the good work. STAY ATARI!

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