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DHS.NU news article
New version of Silkcut Falcon September 15th, 2008
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

Hi everyone,

after some experiments with 8-bit coding (I failed, I wasn't able to code one simple slideshow :-) I'm back in Falcon coding.

I was thinking about making some update to Silkcut because there was awful bug in the 1.01 version -- fading routine was totally messed up which results in incorrect display of TBL logos + affects framerate as well.

So this update fixes it plus adds:

- VGA 60 Hz support (I really hope no one will have problems with LCDs anymore)
- color greetings! (Kalms and me decided it doesn't look *that* bad, esp. on TV)
- special version of greetings for 60 Hz (thanks, Kalms!)
- much nicer tunnel sequence

On the other side, there's some hidden bug (in my port, in the original demo, in the universe, ... :-) which means that tunnel looks either fantastic or jerky. In in week I wasn't able to catch it, I give up, sorry folks. It's just a port after all... It seems the best chances to see perfect effect you have on 66 MHz machine, it's kind of sync problem, that's all I can say about it...

P.S. I'd like to ask -- how many of you had problems with that 50 Hz version? I ask because Ocean Machine is much, much more knitted to 50 Hz than Silkcut and citing Kalms: "fixing" that will be a bitch :-)

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