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DHS.NU news article
Fading Twilight Excerpt 12 May 1st, 2008
The first release from Outline have already arrived.

Lotek Style of .tSCc. have released the Fading Twilight Excerpt 12 of Atari digital music.

Fading Twilight Excerpt 12 features material from the following artists:

Ajt aka Axis, An Cool, Big Boss Man aka NiceGuyUK, Casanova, Chromatic, Clawz, Colibri, Count 0, D.D, Devil, Diego, DJ Rondel, Docs, Dr. Kaya, Drost, Groovykid, Gwem, High Flyer, Hobby One, Kafka, Kev, Liszt, Metronome, Mickey, Miggy, Misery, Mordicus, Overdup, Profi, Rademenes, Razor, Samson, Sewercide, Shoot, Skidz, Sonic, Spock aka HMC, Tebirod, The Sonar, Trauma aka Magellan, Vision Gonzales, Xtal, Zonk/Inter and Zonk
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