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DHS.NU news article
PicrossST - Ac2008 Edition May 1st, 2008
From the readme file:

This version of PicrossST is a tournament version of the game, NOT a demo of the full PicrossST game.

It creates a random grid you have to resolve : you have 45 seconds to mark a full cell. To do so, use the indications on the left and top of the grid. It count the consecutives full cell in the row/column.

PicrossST - Ac2008 edition is played with the mouse : left click marks a full cell, right click marks an empty cell. Each full cell correctly marked, reset the timer et 45 seconds. Each mistake ( an empty cell marked as a full one ) decrease more and more the time counter.

The 30 best scores are held. The more full cells are correctly marked, the bigger the score is. If the puzzle is entirely solved, a time bonus is added to the score.

The archive also contain the best scores maid at AC2008.
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