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DHS.NU news article
P.H.F. releases Outline intro January 5th, 2008
Grazey of the P.H.F. writes:

Picture the scene.

Saturday evening at Outline 07, the fourth bottle of La Trappe Tripel quenching the palate. Up pops Mr Skrebbel "Grazey, you got any Atari releases planned?" , Grz - "Errr nerrr, I'm too busy whooping GGN at Kick Off" , Skrb - "Come on maaan, no Atari demo released at Outline!"

18:48 The fourth bottle was quickly dispatched.
18:49 codeshitgrazeyto_bad_to_release.s
18:52 Grz "505!! , where's 505?!"
18:53 Grz "phew, Hi Nils, we need a soopa doopa track, for a mind blowing demo release"
18:54 505 "this is a fakking cool tune, I assume it will be fitting to your demo-coding expertise?"
18:56 Cal "you can't release this bollocks"
18:58 Grz "We'll have the prestige of being the top Atari ST demo at Outline: D-Bug, Dune, RG, DHS, Lineout can all piss right off"
19:02 ALT-A, copy to disk... where's Earx!!

Oh... and I finally found the source code, so I apologise to you all wholeheartedly. Ahem Enjoy. 6th place at Outline!

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