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DHS.NU news article
BSW releases new demodisk February 8th, 2007
BSW have released a new demo collection disk. Now it's number #138 and features a bunch of BBS intros:

* 3x Dreamscape BBS
* Asylum BBS Demo
* Delta Force BBS Demo
* Eagles Nest BBS
* 2x Legion BBS
* 2x CCS BBS
* Frontbase BBS
* Nightbox Intro
* dataline BBS
* Outbreak BBS
* Toxic BBS
* Lame Brain 2 Demo
* Contact BBS Intro
* Adlib BBS Intro

As a personal note, the Asylum BBS intro is made by DHS for the Megaleif party intro compo, but somehow it wasn't shown (too bad perhaps :)) and released later as this BBS intro instead. Coding by Bellman/DHS (here called Criz/2smart4u) with zik by Toodeloo (minimalistic 6.26 kHz mod). The initial (smaller) plasma plasma is to my knownledge the first ever halftone 4-pixel blitter plasma made. The larger plasmas coming later (press space) are 8-pixel blitter ones.

Ok, enough of todays nostalgy history lesson :)
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