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DHS.NU news article
New releases August 12th, 1998
Yeps, I've now collected the releases from Orenta, and I have to say the quality was a nice mix of good and not so bad things. Nothing really awful in the senior or ipir style. Mystic Bytes won the democompetition with FUN at a second place. Mystic Bytes won yet a Falcon, but are planning to sell it cheaply to the wizzcoder of Syntax (yippie). As you probably know, mOd of .tSCc. won the graphics pixel-competition with a very nice drawing (hey torsten, make one for us too ;)).

Still there are a few "thought" releases from Orneta which hasn't landed yet. The Falcon 4k from Mind Design is supposed to hit the deck any hour now, and the STe demo from Wildfire is delayed (again!). I don't understand how, but Baggio have seen new bugs in the demo the last few days before the party and decided not to release it. Very mysteriously as we've had "rock solid" promises of a release from them since May, now, I am in serious doubt that we'll ever see it. Anyway, the legeandy coder from "Shadows" have joined forces with Amigacrew "freezers" and was supposed to release his new Falcondemo at QuaST. What happened? I have no idea, I hope somebody can tell me later on. Apart from those three, also DHS was trying to make a 4k in time for the party. Unfortenly didn't succed that. Still, we have coded on it and it's getting damn near finished. Question is; release as delayed QuaST 4k, or wait until Dreamhack?
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