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DHS.NU news article
Atari.Org July 23rd, 1998
The guy behind the famous "" have now arranged to take over the Atari.Org domain from Hackbear (which didn't use it, just had it). As a first step to build the "ultimate atari resource" on the Internet, it is now possible to get "virtual-domain-names" for Atari related sites! Just like our site can now be called via, so could yours!

If you have a page wich is for Atari (no matter which system) you are entitled to a subdomain. When you choose a name, do it carefully. General names like "" or "" are reserved. Also "stealing" a name from somebody else is not a good idea.

But how does this work then?
Well, if you have seen things like the monolith "" http forwardings, you know what this is. If you havn't, well in very short words it works like this: You register a virtual-domain, to point at your own "real" homepage address. So when a person goes to it will automaticly change to the real url of your site. Quite easy, no?

Well this is the start, be sure to check in here once in a while to read the news of what's happening with Atari.Org services, I'm certain you will be stunned by all the things when they take place!
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