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DHS.NU news article
Planned QuaST stuff July 23rd, 1998
This is what I have heard so far about releases at the QuaST'98 party!

* Big demo from Mysic Bytes! (coool! active guys!)
* Big demo from Cobra Team (yeah they scrapped the 96k thing and will make a big demo instead!)
* 96k demo from Mind Design! (no details yet, mysterious deez! ;))
* 4k demo from Mystic Bytes!
* 4k demo from Mind Design!
* 4k demo from New Beat (not definite)
* 4k demo from DHS (not definite)
* "Scene game" from Paranoia (no idea what it can be)

All this, plus more (secret) stuff is what I've heard so far. I don't think anyone will be dissapointed. :-) Hopefully they will have a good distribution mechanism.
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