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ST Synclock demosystem v1.0
by Evil / DHS
Assembler demo system for Atari ST/STe (and Falcon for some limited parts) which makes it pretty easy to code a multi-part demo with fullscreens, plasmas, syncscrollers and so forth.

Music players included:
- SNDH chipmusic (ST/STe/Falcon)
- YM3! chipmusic (ST/STe/Falcon)
- DMA-sequence (STe/Falcon)
- YM-8BIT digi-sequence (ST/STe)
- Lance Protracker (STe)

An example "demo" is included with templates for these base effects:

- 320x200 ST-LOW double buffered effects (ST/STe/Falcon)
- 320x200 ST-LOW tripple buffered effects (ST/STe/Falcon)
- 400x273 fullscreen (230 byte lw, ST/STe)
- 400x273 fullscreen (224 byte lw, STe)
- 320x265 screen with syncscrolling (ST/STe)
- 400x265 screen with syncscrolling (ST/STe)
- 320x199 Spectrum 512/4096 display (ST/STe)

 »  Download ST Synclock demosystem v1.0

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