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musicmon 50hz help
Posted by: cerror Dec,03.2012-23:53 

Hey everybody!

I need some help.
I'm making tunes in musicmon 2.5e for years now and everything went a-okay.

Now, a couple of guys want me to make music for a demo.
No problem I thought so I tracked a tune.

They said to me: we need it in 50hz (because they are programming effects etc that require the tune to be 50hz)
According to the players (jam and the one they use) the replay of my tune is @ 200hz

All my instruments in the song are @ 50hz and all the pattern's speed is @ 4 in all patterns.
According to the song info:
Digis: 0kb
>50hz used: no
sid used: yes
syncbuzz used: no

machine: ste
cpu: 68000

When I edit the snd in jam or something and put it on vbl timing (50hz) it's slow as hell and everything is fucked up.

My question is: how can I get that musicmon file (sng) or the sndh to 50hz?
Is there a way to get a 50hz mode in musicmon or edit some variables in the play.asm.s file (wich I don't understand, not a coder here :P )

Anyone who can help me?
Dark Angel doesn't have a website and I couldn't find a answer with google.

As a sort of thank you for the one that solves this: I'll name my next tune after you. :P

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musicmon 50hz help cerror Dec,03.2012-23:53
  Re: musicmon 50hz help gwEm Feb,19.2013-19:43

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