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Cometball - New Falcon game
Posted by: Mac-Falcon Dec,09.2018-22:15 

Cometball - new Atari Falcon 030 game is ready for takeoff!

My Christmas present for the Atari community!

- unique gameplay using your mouse
- Arcade mode including powerups and surpises
- Story mode with 5 actionpacked levels and a bossfight
- about 17 minutes exclusive soundtrack composed and perforned by award
winning composer Mark C. Wilson
- Highscore list to challenge your friends
- ...


Boxed version is soon available and can be preordered for 24.99 EUR (including worldwide shipping)

Boxed version will feature:
- soundtrack as an audio CD
- game on CD-Rom
- nice looking box
- some surprise :)
- first 25 will be "limited-edition"

Contact me at

Donations can be made of course:

Stay Atari!


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Cometball - New Falcon game Mac-Falcon Dec,09.2018-22:15
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