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Re: ACIA mouse question
Posted by: Thadoss Dec,04.2015-11:33 


> If the accumulated motion before the report packet is generated exceeds the +127...-128 range, the motion is broken into multiple packets. Note that the sign of the delta y reported is a function of the Y origin selected."

> See it mentions "packets" in there? So you should be getting packets and not experience your issue at all - this should be transparent to you.

Yes, that's the point.
I've read this also into the compendium.

All my code works well (Joystick / keyboard / mouse) as long as I get big relative deltas on the X or Y axis.
In this case, I misinterpret the "extra packets" as "keyboards actions" instead of "mouse values" which results into fake keyboard actions.

I've read many things about this extra packets mechanism but nothing about how it is implemented into the Atari.

I'm also curious about the $F6 opcode and the "Status Packet Data" described into the compendium. Any info on these ?

0xF6 : Status Packet Header - This codes indicate the beginning of a multiple byte status packet.

0xF7 : Absolute Mouse Position
0xF8-0xFB : Relative Mouse Position
0xFC : Time-of-Day
0xFD : Joystick Report
0xFE : Joystick 0 Event
0xFF : Joystick 1 Event

Status Packet Data Any When the ikbdstate variable (found in the KBDVECS structure) is non-zero, it represents the number of remaining bytes to retrieve that are part of a status
packet and should thus not be treated as any of the above codes.


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