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Re: ST Synclock system (again)
Posted by: evil Jun,18.2015-15:34 

A day late reply..

But, the Synclock demosys has no out-of-the-box feature for that kind of screens. It's made for synclock stuff foremost.

However, it's not that hard to add for a separate screen:

move.l $120.w,savetb
move.l #mytb,$120.w

move.w #$2700,sr ;Stop all interrupts
clr.b $fffffa1b.w ;Timer B control (stop)
bset #0,$fffffa07.w ;Interrupt enable A (Timer B)
bset #0,$fffffa13.w ;Interrupt mask A (Timer B)
move.b #1,$fffffa21.w ;Timer B data (number of scanlines to next interrupt)
bclr #3,$fffffa17.w ;Automatic end of interrupt
move.b #8,$fffffa1b.w ;Timer B control (event mode (HBL))
move.w #$2300,sr


clr.b $fffffa1b.w
move.l savetb,$120.w

You probably don't need to restore $120 either, the demosys does that at exit.

If all fails, I can help you with an example in a couple of weeks, much stuff to do before that.

Anders Eriksson

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