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Mad Lab by Ukko (Superstar)

Mad Lab
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Image data

Title:Mad Lab
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW

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Mic (2011-06-08) Report as spam/crap
Pretty cool, nice dithering and compo.

Dma-Sc (2011-06-08) Report as spam/crap
Not an easy 16 colors palette to work with and it really looks good. Also the composition and perspectives are indeed really well done. Congrats!

dan (2011-06-08) Report as spam/crap
maximum respect.

Zweckform (2011-06-18) Report as spam/crap
Very nice picture, as dan said: respect.

RA/pdx (2011-06-22) Report as spam/crap
Amazing work! Great palette.

shazz (2011-06-25) Report as spam/crap
Impressive dithering, what a work ! And what a result !

baah (2011-07-11) Report as spam/crap
Very good work from the talented and friendly Ukko... And it's always fun to look at him choosing colors! ;p


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