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Image data correction for Pozdrawienia Do Gdanska by Dan

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Pozdrawienia Do Gdanska by Dan

Pozdrawienia Do Gdanska
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Image data

Title:Pozdrawienia Do Gdanska
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:40
Display technique:Raster splits
Software used:Blender + Photoshop + Degas + Neochrome
Additional information:Sillyventure 2010 compo



dan (2010-12-13)  
The picture is a neochrome Master IFF - Picture using 3 Rastersplits. The tools I used: ------------------------ 1. Blender for rendering, -3d typography -cloth simulation -volumetric clouds 2. Photoshop and the orion plugin for cropping, 3. DEGAS for colorswapping, 4. neochrome Master for putting together and final adjustments 5. RAs code for an easy displayable PRG

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