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Sommarhack 2015
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Atari demoscene news
Effect makes quick return with new menu March 11th, 2015
Just a couple weeks off their previous Industrially Safe Demo Disk #35, Effect are back with.. Yeah you guessed it, Industrially Safe Demo Demo #36!

Features an intro with several demo parts, this is how we like it :)
Effect releases new demo menu February 24th, 2015
A menu disk packed with new and old demos was released by Effect yesterday called Industrially Safe Demo Disk #35.

The intro was coded by Bod.
Checkpoint back with new STe-release February 20th, 2015
The Checkpoint manouver to take over the Atariscene is continuing.
Today they released their first demo for STe, and it is a celebration of ten years of

The demo runs from harddrive and streams audio in realtime, also works on Falcon.
Rift for Falcon 060 January 5th, 2015
People attending Sillyventure 2014 could see the Falcon version of Rift on display on the big screen.

Today Kalms of TBL made the demo available for download. Check out the video if you do not have a Falcon to run it.
Ray / .tSCc. back with Atari TT C2P-code December 31st, 2014
After six years of vacation, Ray of .tSCc. is back.

Snippet from the sourcecode comments:

"The idea is quite simple, each pixel is split into a red and a green+blue scanline which are interlaced to comprise a 12 bit rgb scanline. Actually, we sacrifice 16*16 of the 4096 possible colors in order to map the red component into colors 0..15 without visual quality loss, however.

As a demonstration I am converting a 320x480 24 bit rgb picture which is quantized to 12 bit rgb and dithered, additionally."

Update 2015-01-02:
Sorry for bothering again, but I have updated my C2P once more. It now also contains a faster 2x2 version and a little blob demo showing how this can be used in a realtime setting.

New HTML-mag by CiH December 20th, 2014
CiH writes:

Xmas is coming, CiH is getting fat. It is that time of year for another Mag!

Or perhaps not? This one is dedicated to the glories of Sillyventure past
and present, with a bias towards last years event, but we are also celebrating the crusty memories of the year 2000. We are even bang up to date with a party report for this year!

Anyway, a little light reading for those quiet moments when the family have
gone to bed and left you alone, Merry Chrimbo, Atari Scene!

Sillyventure 2014 downloads December 7th, 2014
The releases from Sillyventure 2014 are starting to arrive.

We are switching things up a bit from now on. The old download page will be gone, and instead we will rely on Demozoo for getting the files. They are much faster at putting up stuff than we will ever be, so it felt pointless to do the same thing, just lagging behind.

However, we will still try to do videos of as many releases as we can, a few are already online.
Silly Venture 2k14 invitro for Atari Lynx! November 26th, 2014
Grey writes:

Atari Lynx I or Atari Lynx II with flashcard or Handy Emulator.  

Please keep in mind we accept remote entries! :)

Best regards,
Grey / Mystic Bytes

No Extra VIP demo released November 16th, 2014
The winning demo from Very Important Party 2014 has been a bit delayed, but today finally No Extra released the "0ompa" demo for Atari STe machines.
SNDH Editor v1.12 out October 30th, 2014
grazey/PHF writes:

Well after over 7 years SNDH-Ed makes it to version 1.12. This release includes the very latest fixed Sid Sound Designer replayer which supports the portamento command. Source code for the new player is included within the package plus DMA-SCs tune with which you can hear the musical difference (30
second mark).


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