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Sillyventure 2017
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Atari demoscene news
Sommarhack 2017 stuff July 10th, 2017
After a few days in the wilderness coding our Ataris, we're back to civilization. We'd like to thank everyone who visited or supported Sommarhack this year or in the past.

Almost all the demos, pictures and ziks from 2017 are available to download from Demozoo. Videos are available for all released prods as well. Check out the links below.
1992 megademo Digital Extazy released June 27th, 2017
The guys from The Teutonick Knights finished a megademo for the Atari ST back in 1992. For some reason the demo never saw the light of day.

Until now that is. From the remains of Bods (R.I.P.) floppy disks the demo has resurfaced. Featuring many screens, main menu and double reset demos.
Outline 2017 releases May 30th, 2017
Outline was held over the past weekend and there were a couple of nice Atari releases:

- HIPSid by the PHF
A music demo with many of Mad Max classic Atari ST chiptunes enhanced with SID-voice effects. Having heard these tracks for the better part of 30 years, it certainly adds a different feeling hearing them like this. The download of the demo will follow (it was prematurely released on earlier).

- Gave it a Try by Effect
A two-part ST demo with a bunch of effects, graphics and two great chiptracks,
New (old) game from Sync released March 5th, 2017
7an of Sync was working on a game way back in 1990, but somehow forgot to release it. Now, 27 years later Troed helped 7an dig out the old game. Adding some smaller final changes and music, it's finally released.

The game plays a bit like a 2D Trailblazer or Jumping Jackson, and at first sight seems hard!

gcc v6.2 - Beyond Brown December 27th, 2016
GGN and DML have been busy to port the rather fresh GCC 6.2 to build Atari compatible programs.

Some benefits listed on their site compared to the older v4.6.4:

  • link-time whole-program optimisation (inter-module calls & inlining): can have a big impact in reducing the executable’s size.
  • improved optimiser
  • C++14, C++17 support
  • named section support via C and asm
  • proper C++ initialise/finalise sequence
  • GST extended symbols
  • can preview code generation in Godbolt/68k
  • path open for future gcc releases

Falcon port of Team 17 Worms December 25th, 2016
.tSCc. today released a fully working port of the classic Worms game.

It's a disassembly of the 68040 Macintosh version adapted to the Falcon with 060 processors, all with permission from Team 17 themselves.

Along with the Worms port is a nice 060 intro by Insane and Lotek Style.

Keep in mind you still need the original data files which are not included in the .tSCc. archive.
Christmas demo from MJJ Prod December 24th, 2016
MJJ Prod is back with a new release at christmas eve.

It's a 1040 ST demo with code and graphics in various style as well as a soundtrack by Floopy.

Silly Venture 2016 releases November 13th, 2016

The releases from Silly Venture 2016 are starting to arrive. As usual Demozoo is the site to visit to download the entries. There seems to have been five releses for Falcon, twelve for ST/e, 15 for XL, two for VCS, one Lynx and a huge number of music and graphics entries.

We aim to make video recordings of as many demos as we can.


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