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Atari demoscene news
New demo from Lamers September 7th, 2015
A new Atari STe demo saw the light of day at the Riverwash party in Poland. Lamers won the first prize in the oldskool demo compo.

The demo is called Satan Stole My Atari and is a heavy-metal themed production. Code my MKM, music by Vlx and graphics by Atom.
Rebirth harddrive fix August 25th, 2015
GGN / D-Bug released a much needed harddrive fix for the Cybernetics Sommarhack 2015 demo 'Rebirth'.

Previously the demo only worked with two floppy drives and was still hard to get running properly due to very tight timings. GGN to the rescue and we can now feed it to our precious Ultrasatans or Cosmosexes.

Along with the harddrive fix is a really neat cracktro by Aggression, with code, music and font by !Cube and a very nice D-Bug logo by Frost/Tulou.
Checkpoint releases Sommarhack demo August 8th, 2015
We've been waiting for this one a little bit, but now finally Checkpoints demo from Sommarhack 2015 is here.

The demo is called 'Pulse', it works on normal ST and features SPKR, mOdmate, 505 and Ukko doing some of their best work ever.

Download it, feed your ST and enjoy!
Checkpoint releases STe demo at Evoke August 2nd, 2015
While we're patiently (?) waiting for the Pulse demo by Checkpoint, they surprisingly released another one at the Evoke 2015 party yesterday.

The demo is called 'Thunderdome - The Demo - Making Of and Lost scenes' and will run on an STe with 4 MB and harddrive.
SNDH-archive v4.5 released August 1st, 2015
Grazey writes:

V4.5 (August 1, 2015) - Yorkshire day!

355 new/updated SNDH files (1731 subtunes).

Finally, after over a year we update the SNDH archive to v4.5.

Quick highlights :-

+ Sierra games included - Leisure Suit Larry etc
+ Barry Leitch driver updated - Superior sound quality
+ Unreleased ancient Mad Max track
+ Dave Lowe digi musics - Carrier Command, Afterburner etc
+ gwEm's Kraftwerk music - two versions
+ Many song lengths added by bober, thanks!

A much more comprehensive account of this release are contained in Grazey's blog.

Cho Ren Sha 68k beta 1 released for Falcon July 19th, 2015
Anima (ex. Percy / Light) released the first beta of his X68000 Falcon-conversion of the shooter game Cho Ren Sha 68k.

This is what Anima writes on his blog (copy/paste):

Here’s the first beta release of Cho Ren Sha 68k for the Atari Falcon030.


  • Atari Falcon030 with 14 MB RAM (alternative: 4 MB RAM and at least 8 MB Fast-RAM. Please try to boot without accessories and auto folder programs and/or a lower desktop video mode if the program hangs on startup).


  • Jaguar Pad/Power Pad.
  • TV/RGB and VGA.


  • DSP assisted sprite engine.
  • Up to 65536 colours.
  • Gameplay recording and replay.
  • Highscore saving.


  • The first beta does not support accelerated machines.
  • Scrolling will be added later.
  • No in game music. :(
  • Should work with an accelerator which guarantees the synchronisation between CPU and DSP (Nemesis, Phantom, Skunk(?), …).
  • Use the arrow keys and the LEFT SHIFT and CONTROL keys if you don’t have a joystick attached.
  • Sample replay seems to have some problems within the menu.

    Known issues so far:

  • Please use a “non ST compatible” screen mode before starting the game to avoid a garbled display after exiting the game.
  • Needs an original TOS version (like TOS 4.02) due to the usage of the DSP interface.
  • Be careful with the “in game settings” to prevent a game freeze.

    Please note that there’s a special binary for the Hatari emulator (older versions) in case you’re having display problems.

    No Extra releases VIP 2015 winner demo July 8th, 2015
    The summer continue to deliver the goods.

    No Extra just released their awaited winning demo "Smoke Town" from the V.I.P. party earlier in May. Many screens, great soundtrack and good graphics awaits you in this STe-demo.
    Sommarhack 2015 debrief July 5th, 2015
    The 2015 edition of Sommarhack has now come to an end after an extremely hot weekend. The barbecue gods were with us as always and we got to see some nice Atari hacking. Or what about a GCC compiled TOS 4 that works on STe or a new Supervidel racing game?

    There were two game competitions held, a repeat from the success last year. This time we ran Crapman on the ST and Super Cobra on the XL. GGN humiliated the rest while playing Crapman - playing with one hand while talking to people and still beating the second best player by a multiple of five. In Super Cobra it didn't look much different. All bow to the classic Atari-gamer #1, GGN!

    As for the demoscene side, we had a nice competition with a total of thirteen entries, which of six were in the demo/intro category. Some big surprises such as the comeback from Cybernetics (20+ years since their last demo!) and new ST musicians sending in contributions. Thanks to all of you for supporting us!

    Almost all releases are already available, and the few remaining will see a release over the summer.

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