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Atari demoscene news
New HTML-mag by CiH December 20th, 2014
CiH writes:

Xmas is coming, CiH is getting fat. It is that time of year for another Mag!

Or perhaps not? This one is dedicated to the glories of Sillyventure past
and present, with a bias towards last years event, but we are also celebrating the crusty memories of the year 2000. We are even bang up to date with a party report for this year!

Anyway, a little light reading for those quiet moments when the family have
gone to bed and left you alone, Merry Chrimbo, Atari Scene!

Sillyventure 2014 downloads December 7th, 2014
The releases from Sillyventure 2014 are starting to arrive.

We are switching things up a bit from now on. The old download page will be gone, and instead we will rely on Demozoo for getting the files. They are much faster at putting up stuff than we will ever be, so it felt pointless to do the same thing, just lagging behind.

However, we will still try to do videos of as many releases as we can, a few are already online.
Silly Venture 2k14 invitro for Atari Lynx! November 26th, 2014
Grey writes:

Atari Lynx I or Atari Lynx II with flashcard or Handy Emulator.  

Please keep in mind we accept remote entries! :)

Best regards,
Grey / Mystic Bytes

No Extra VIP demo released November 16th, 2014
The winning demo from Very Important Party 2014 has been a bit delayed, but today finally No Extra released the "0ompa" demo for Atari STe machines.
SNDH Editor v1.12 out October 30th, 2014
grazey/PHF writes:

Well after over 7 years SNDH-Ed makes it to version 1.12. This release includes the very latest fixed Sid Sound Designer replayer which supports the portamento command. Source code for the new player is included within the package plus DMA-SCs tune with which you can hear the musical difference (30
second mark).

STj v1.50 released October 5th, 2014
gwEm/PHF writes:

It is time for a new release of my SNDH DJing software. The main new feature this time is a mode for controlling Digital Vinyl System (DVS) programs like Serator, Traktor etc in relative mode using a generated timecode. The code is a stereo signal, and as such only STe is supported for DVS.

.tSCc. releases Hex Pistols on Falcon September 27th, 2014
Insane of .tSCc. is keeping the Falcon busy by porting Amiga demos with sources available.

This time around it 'Hex Pistols' from Fit. An Amiga 060-demo released at the Motorola Inside party in 2005.

The Falcon port is made with help of Atari SDL by Data/Trio and Dspmod by Bitmaster. Just like Stercus Accidic it supports the Super Videl for improved performance and DVI/HDMI output.
Stercus Accidit ported to Falcon September 18th, 2014
The Amiga demo from 2006 by Fit is now available on the Falcon as well.

Insane of .tSCc. ported it over to Falcon 060 using the latest version of SDL by Data/TRiO and Dspmod by Bitmaster. The new SDL supports SuperVidel to avoid chunky to planar conversion so there should be a bit faster frame rate there.

Unfortunately I don't have a HDMI/DVI frame grabber so the video is from a normal Videl output.
Checkpoint releases new Jaguar demo August 10th, 2014
A bit unexpected, Checkpoint entered the Evoke demo competition with a Jaguar entry. It's an invite for the Morphonic Lab 13 later in the autumn and is a quite long invitation with numerous effects.

Code by lsl, music by balog, graphics by mOdmate, 3D-graphics by Excellence in Art and more.

Checkpoint tells us tu run it on a real Jaguar or it will run at very wrong speeds. The video capture is correct and from the real deal (thanks to SH3/Reservoir Gods).
Silly Venture 2014 Falcon invite released July 10th, 2014
This came as a bit of a surprise. Dune just released a new Falcon invitation for the forthcoming Silly Venture 2014 party.

With Mic doing the graphics, things are unlikely to go wrong. And no change this time around, great pixels all around together with code by Thadoss and a streaming soundtrack by Dma-Sc.

July 25, 2014 UPDATE

Thadoss released a new version of the intro. It now features the correct soundtrack as well as smoother scrollings and fading. It will also work on 060 machines.

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