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Atari demoscene news
Outline 2016 announcement January 24th, 2016
Havoc writes:

For the 13th time in succession, the Atari party where other platforms are also welcome returns to Willemsoord during Ascension day weekend 2016. Competitions tailor made for Atari systems, music performances, affordable food and drink, cheap travel options, and more duct tape and PUR foam solutions than any demoparty known to mankind is what you can and should expect. Come as a friend, and leave as a part of the family!

Maggie Ė 25th Anniversary January 23rd, 2016
CiH writes:

The culmination of a lot of work and midnight screaming fits. It's the
25th anniversary edition of the Maggie diskmag. Plenty of news, reviews, travel reports and other things.

Available both in HTML and a proper Atari ST Maggie issue. Don't just take my word for it. But get it and start reading!

SYNC {Closure} demo from STNICCC January 8th, 2016
The new SYNC ST-demo first shown at STNICCC 2015 arrived today, by snailmail, on floppy. Yep, the old guys are oldskool! Thank you Troed for this kick back in time :-)

The demo features some state of the art syncscrolling, image displayer, overscans and more.

Coding by Troed and Bluestar, music by 7an and graphics also by Bluestar.

You might need to dig out your real Atari for this one!
Extream back with intro January 8th, 2016
Emphii of Extreme wishes us all a happy new year with a new intro for the Falcon called Repotuli.

It works on RGB and VGA with all work including music done by Emphii himself.
First demo of 2016 January 1st, 2016
DML of The Pixel Twins is back with a nice New Years intro for the Falcon. It uses more of the realtime raytracing-wizardry we saw in Zero Three Zero at STNICCC 2015 a few weeks back.

Happy new years!
Fujiology Archive V2.1 is out December 31st, 2015
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

.tSCc. is EXTREMELY proud to present you the biggest Atari Demo Scene archive there is entitled: Fujiology Archive V2.1. Based on the ashes of the No Fragments CD-series we gathered together as many Atari Scene releases we could find. The archive was compiled by yours truly (Lotek Style) mostly during the last three years.

The collection comes on a 64 GB SDXC Card and is now about 62 GB in size. Why is it so big? Simply because it combines nearly all of my previous projects under one banner. It now features 11 sections: 8bit, Falcon, Graphics, Jaguar, Lynx, Magazines, Music, Parties, ST, TT and VCS.

* 2.969 8bit Prods (everything is in .ATR or .XEX or .SAP or .PNG)
* 1.393 Falcon Prods
* 7.867 Graphics (Native atari format if available plus .PNG conversion)
* 492 Jaguar Prods
* 7 Lynx Prods
* 3.286 Magazines (ST, Falcon, Html and Textbased mags)
* 14.043 Fading Twilight (other music archives are SNDH and ASMA which are kind of a bonus because I do not maintain them)
* 26.324 Partyarchive:
-all atari graphics have a PNG/GIF-conversion
-most musics have a SND/SAP/MP3 conversion
-everything single parted
-kept original as possible
* 14.644 ST/E Prods
* 22 TT Prods
* 212 VCS Prods

If you find any bugs or have missing files (marked yellow in the database)
donít hesitate to contact me.

Holiday releases December 31st, 2015
We've been a bit busy during the holidays, so here comes a quick overview of new stuff that has arrived.

First up is a new version of R-Type Deluxe by Bod and friends. This new version new features the full game to be played. Graphics conversion by Templeton and Unseen Menace and soundtrack conversion by Dma-Sc.

Next is a nice christmas demo by Excellence in Art and Acca. It comes in source form only, and needs to be assembled with the inlcuded rmac assembler. Rmac is an assembler with heritage from the early madmac days and is cross platform. Rmac is developed by Reboot. A good vasm alternative perhaps?

And finally, SH3 of the Reservoir Gods/Reboot released a new Jaguar demo called WIggle using the Raptor library and rB+. The demo is an invitation for Sommarhack 2016, and we'd like to thank SH3 a lot for creating it!
STNICCC 2015 releases December 20th, 2015
Some minutes after the compos have ended at STNICCC, we hear of quite a bit of releases. For example, demos from Pixel Twins (DML), Cream, Spiceboys, Checkpoint, Atari Boys, Dino, Effect and Hemoroids.

Hopefully they'll show up in the near future, keep checking out the Demozoo page.

Update 2015-12-29

By now, most productions are available from the Demozoo page and we have videos at VideoDB for a bunch of them in full framerate and full hd. We're still awating for the demos from Hemoroids, No Extra and SYNC to arrive. Something we can look forward to!


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